Are we condemning a generation of people into the lousiest possible schools?

At the K – 12 level since 1970 per person spending has doubled and the outcome of this increase in spending has been completely flat.  Regardless of the funding process now, I would like to see us switch to a more open and wide ranging set of sources.  The fact is that the K- 12 system we have now is pumping more money in for exactly the same results.  This is a bad idea; we can bring competition and innovation to the system through charter’s, vouchers, opt outs and home schooling and private schools.  This will bring about more thoughtful kids and hence more thoughtful citizens.

I believe this is as urgent a local priority as anything else.  I believe we should give the per person spending to the parents in an education investment account, let the parents choose the school and go from there.  The education investment account overages could then be applied to each child’s advanced education at any college or trade school. I believe we must take these steps towards fixing this multi billion dollar system which really sucks for the very kids who are supposed to benefit from it.