Health Care

Health Care Mandates vs. Pizza

Why does health insurance cost so much ? 

Imagine you want to order a pizza; you want to order a cheese pizza but the government passes a mandate requiring 55 toppings.  Toppings are great; I love toppings but mandating toppings would certainly make pizza more expensive.   The same is true with health insurance; in Washington State there are 55 benefits the government requires all policies to cover.  If we want any coverage at all we have to pay for all 55, shouldn’t we get to choose what we want our plans to cover?  In Washington we are required to pay for acupuncture, massage therapy and holistic healing.

We should also allow any health care insurer in the country to compete with the four health insurance companies currently allowed to insure individuals and families in Pend Orielle, Stevens, Okanogan, Ferry and North Spokane Counties  .  Ridding ourselves of mandated benefits and allowing all health care insurer’s  to compete against each other will certainly drive down the cost health insurance.  Our current health care system is believed to somehow organize itself in ways that are not at all like every other sector of the economy.  In a normal sector of the economy individuals buy and sell stuff based on their perception of what they want and the value it is worth.  Price signals are virtually completely absent due to government regulation and mandates.