Job’s & the Economy

Regulation Strangulation

I believe a good amount of people in the 7th legislative district are angry as the current regulatory system is rigged against them and I agree as well.  When you look at corporate welfare and the protections large businesses receive; it is easy to understand how they navigate and take advantage of the current tax code.  What we really need is opportunity, most of us do not need a lift up and we do not need regulator’s telling us what to do; we need to return to a free market, and a level playing field where we are free to pursue our dreams.  A lift up basically states that we are not good enough on our own merits and I believe the vast majority of us are.

Government inserts itself into the market in too many ways, this takes away from small businesses opportunity to compete with the large big box stores.  To simply style hair and put on make-up requires a 1500 hour course and license, which is a prime example of too much regulation.  Over regulating individuals and businesses impedes us from entering the market place and providing competition, competition will alway break up monopolies quicker than government.  You cannot regulate and legislate the economy of the 7th legislative district and Washington State into prosperity.